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M.A& Sons, Inc, a family owned and operated corporation, began its chili processing operation in October 1987 as a minority (Hispanic), woman-owned business. Mary Alice (M.A) Garay, along with her three sons, Frank, Randy, and Patrick, started the operation by purchasing a small, three tunnel dehydrating business from her father to process and dehydrate red chili. Under the excellent capabilities and management provided by the family, the corporation has grown to a producer of a variety of red Chile products. The current sixteen tunnel dehydrator provides capacity for over five million pounds of production during the processing season.

The plant is located at the base of the Caballo Mountains in Arrey, New Mexico. Arrey is located approximately 55 miles north of Las Cruces, New Mexico, in what is known as the farming area of the Hatch Valley. The Hatch Valley’s claim-to-fame is "The Chile Capitol of the World." Chile raised in this growing area is unmatched by any other! The processing plant enjoys ready access to the most flavorful Chile grown in the world.

  • Dry Products

    Dry Products

    Whole Pods



    Crushed Chile


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  • Sauces & Purees

    Sauces & Purees

    Hot and Mild Red Chile Puree - 14oz. Plastic Tub
    Hot and Mild Red Chile Puree - 56 oz. Plastic Tub
    Hot and Mild Red Chile Puree - 25 lb. Bag in Box
    Hot and Mild Red Chile Puree - 3.5 Gal. Plastic Pail

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  • Dehydrated Chile

    Dehydrated Chile

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